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Is It Better to Lease or Finance a Tesla? We Did the Math

You want a Tesla — but does it make more sense to lease or finance? Here’s what to consider.

Tesla doesn’t have the storied history of automakers like Ford, Chevrolet, or BMW. But that hasn’t stopped this electric vehicle manufacturer from surging in popularity over the last decade or so. The numbers speak for themselves.

In 2015, Tesla sold 18,742 vehicles in the US.

Last year, Tesla was two sales away from 302,000.

If you’re reading this, you’re one of many drivers that want to see what al

When Will Car Prices Go Down?

Car prices have climbed to ridiculous heights. Will they stay high or return to normal?

Inflation is normal — life usually gets a little more expensive every year. It’s not supposed to be that noticeable though, let alone a catalyst for overhauling your lifestyle.

Just about everything seems to cost an arm and a leg these days. Rent. Gas. Chipotle.

Cars are no exception. But unlike a savory chicken burrito with extra guac, cars are necessities for most people. And if you need a new set of whe

10 Best Push Lawn Mowers of 2022 [Reviews]

If you don’t mind putting in a little elbow grease, push lawn mowers (aka walk-behind mowers) are some of the best and most affordable options for small- to medium-sized lawns. We’re here to help you wade through the hundreds of models on the market with this ranking of the best push lawn mowers money can buy.

We’ve collected picks for any preference, whether you want something big and powerful or small and efficient. The gas-powered, electric, and reel mowers on this list represent the best co

2022’s Best Cities for Fast Food Lovers

Fast food has come a long way since the world’s first fast food restaurant opened 100 years ago in Wichita, Kansas. These days, you don’t even need to leave the house to “have it your way.”

But which cities will most indulge your on-the-go (or on-the-couch) cravings?

LawnStarter ranked 2022’s Best Cities for Fast Food Lovers to help you celebrate National Fast Food Day in style on Nov. 16.

We compared nearly 200 of the biggest U.S. cities based on access to fast food restaurants and food deli

Can You Get a Mortgage With a Car Loan?

Getting a mortgage after a car loan depends on your timing, monthly payment, and credit history.

If you find the perfect home, you could be inspired to buy it sooner than later. But that initial homebuyer excitement could turn into anxiety when you start thinking about your car loan balance and your monthly payment. Can you get approved for a mortgage with a car loan? Let’s discuss.

Having a car loan could have the following impact on your mortgage application:

1. Car loans in good standing c

Common Fall Lawn Pests: How to Identify and Eliminate Them

You might expect pests to decrease as the weather cools down in fall, but you would be wrong. Several lawn pests are hard at work trying to damage your lawn year-round.

When fall comes around, what pests should you look out for and how can you get rid of them? Here’s how to identify and exterminate some of the most common fall lawn pests across the United States. We’ll give you chemical and organic pest control options for each one.

Grubs are the larvae of several species of scarab beetles, su

Best Native Plants for St. Louis

The spirit of St. Louis is rich in history, music, beer, and yes, plants.

Missouri native plant species have called Missouri home for hundreds or even thousands of years and are well adapted to local conditions.
• Invite local wildlife into your lawn, including pollinators, birds, and butterflies
• Positively contribute to the local ecosystem and increase the biodiversity in your area

St. Louis is located in the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture’s hardiness zone 6b. Native plants in this zone should b

2022’s Best Cities for Aquarians

Whether you’re a standout visionary or more of a team player, it’s more than just your month on the astrological calendar — the Age of Aquarius is upon us.

But where in America are revolutionary thinkers, innovators, and humanitarians — aka Aquarians — most likely to feel at home?

To mark Aquarius season (Jan. 21–Feb. 18), Lawn Love ranked 2022’s Best Cities for Aquarians. Our data research team analyzed nearly 130 of the biggest U.S. cities based on this air sign’s zodiac profile.

So, what g

Pricing Guide: How Much Does it Cost to Build a Garage?

Thinking of adding a garage to your home? Be prepared to spend between $19,450 and $42,377 for construction, including materials and professional labor. How much you spend will depend on the size and complexity of your garage, as well as the materials you use.

Across different types of garages, including attached and detached, the national average cost to build a garage is $30,914. Material and labor costs together typically fall between $35 and $70 per square foot.

How much does it cost to bu

Pricing Guide: How Much Does a Vinyl Fence Cost?

A vinyl fence can be useful, aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting, and easy to care for, but it can also get expensive. Most homeowners pay $2,181 to $6,089 for a professionally installed vinyl fence, with a national average cost of about $4,135.

For a more accurate estimate of how much your specific vinyl fencing project will cost, figure out how many linear feet of fence you need and multiply that number by the national average rate of $28 per linear foot. Depending on what fence style you wa

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